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Someone will contact you and verify that we received your order.
MAKE YOUR LIFE EASY when your account is setup for Automatic Heating Oil Delivery:
Our computer calculates when to send a heating oil delivery based upon the average outside temperature and your usage factors.  Do this with auto pay (with a credit card) and automatic delivery and you will have the ultimate in simplicity.
FULLY AUTOMATIC HEATING OIL DELIVERY AND PAYMENT. We will automatically deliver your heating oil and then charge your card.  You get heating oil delivery and payment info mailed to you.
WE DO NOT LOCK YOU INTO A HEATING OIL DELIVERY CONTRACT and you can take yourself off automatic heating oil delivery without penalty.
To get on Automatic heating oil delivery: You sign up for an account with us and specifically opt in for automatic delivery.
Give us your billing information and you can leave all the worries to us!



Heating Oil Delivery Order Form

Our heating oil delivery storage facilities are close to you in each borough. Our trucks are dispatched to your area and loaded there so that your oil will always be just a few short miles from your delivery address.
Please send me a delivery of fuel oil as follows: